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    Several common problems and solutions for PET release film

    Source: Time:2018-03-20 13:59:29 瀏覽次數:

    Several common problems and solutions for PET release film PET release film is one of the most basic auxiliary materials commonly used in the production process. For this reason, several common problems and solutions for applying PET release film during die cutting process are summarized. Regarding the die-cutting process, the release film usually encounters the following problems:
    Several common problems and solutions for PET release film

    PET release film is one of the most basic auxiliary materials commonly used in the production process. For this reason, several common problems and solutions for applying PET release film during die cutting process are summarized.

    Regarding the die-cutting process, the release film usually encounters the following problems:

    1. After the double-sided tape is attached to the PET release film, some of the double-sided tape will be peeled off when peeling off, and a strange sound will be emitted.

    2. The reverse peeling is that the peeled material is not peeled off.

    3. After the punching is done for a period of time, the tape and the release film cannot be peeled off.

    4, the release film release force is very low, it feels that the release layer is easy to fall off.

    5. The release film will generate static electricity during the winding process and absorb dust.

    For the above problems, there are usually the following solutions:

    1. Sound occurs when peeling off. First, the release force is too large, followed by the result of uneven coating.

    2. Anti-peeling is mainly caused by unsatisfactory separation force. There are two reasons for this. First, the factory inspection of the release film is not strict, the inspection equipment is incomplete, and the production process is not stable enough, so that the same type of product release force There is too much difference. The die-cutting factory used the release film that they thought was the release force for the purpose of use. Second, the weatherability of the release layer is not sufficient, and it has undergone tremendous changes over time.

    3, after the tape is attached, it can not be peeled off, generally the reason of uneven coating. Some of the release film is more serious, so that there is no release effect on a certain part, so that the tape cannot be peeled off, and the die cutting of the round knife should be I am very afraid of this problem.

    4, the greasy surface is mainly caused by the system of the release agent, not greasy things must be bad, in fact, some greasy release film surface coating is more uniform, the residual adhesion rate is better. But some are purely poorly sealed, and silicone oil is easy to fall off. These can all be determined by detection.

    5, static electricity problem, generally in addition to the physical processing methods, the chemical treatment is permanent, generally the photoelectric-grade die-cutting factory has a dust-free workshop, there are also equipment to remove static electricity, the problem will not be very big . For more stringent requirements, an antistatic coated release film can be selected.

              Analysis of the direction and form of PET release film market development


          It is estimated that approximately 70% of the release film used for the label is internally coated with silicone oil. Although the market opportunities for commercial silicone coating companies are expanding, there are only a few businesses in Asia compared to other parts of the world. Silicone oil coating business. The market segmentation and the challenging trading environment are the characteristics of the Asian market. This new analysis shows that there is no data on this difficult market to date.

    main market

          2003 Asia PET Release Film Market The market observations and opportunities for silicone oil coating companies and material suppliers cover two release films, silicone oil coated film and paper, for self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive applications. The direct release liner used in the Asian release film market accounts for 44% of all applied materials. Plastic coating and film accounted for 48% and 5%, respectively.

         Asia is the world's fastest growing release film and self-adhesive material. One of the most promising areas. North America still has a huge advantage in the world's release film market, with North America and Europe accounting for 74% of global demand. Asia continues to grow. The fastest growth in 2002. Accounted for 22% of the market. Most of them are self-adhesive applications.

       This analysis identified this rapidly growing area. The main markets for release film include labels, printing, tape, hygiene and medical applications, as well as the development of materials in terms of paper, film, silicon germanium, raw material prices, and details of current market structure. And prioritized materials, and a detailed analysis of the opportunities and challenges of the current and future global release film market.

         The focus is on Australia, New Zealand, China Star, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. Japan is the largest market for release film consumption in Asia, followed by China.

    Solve the problem of silicone oil transfer

     Dr. WihelmMunninger of Frantschach Inncoat. A release film processing expert mentioned the problems encountered with large water-based ink jet printers.

         Coating the release film with dry self-adhesive silicone oil is not only used in the label industry. The large self-adhesive printing market uses a large amount of silicone oil coated release film, which can be cut by computer, screen printed or digitally. When the digital printing machine is printed with a water-based ink, a silicone oil transfer phenomenon occurs and the printed image is deformed.

    Silicone oil

        Silicon oil transfer typically occurs during on-line silicone oil draping operations. After the silicone oil is woven in liquid form, it is solidified on the substrate by chemical reaction and heating. However, until today. Advanced silicone oil chemistry can't reach 100% silicone oil surface layer because after the silicidation process. When the release film is rewinded, the original liquid silicone oil is transferred to the reverse side of the release film.

    Self-adhesive complex

        Usually, after silicidation, the adhesive layer and the face material [film or paper] are combined to form a self-adhesive release film. During the rewinding of the release film, the face material will hit the reverse side of the release film.

         At this point, some of the silicone oil may accelerate to the surface of the film. PE net cloth and PvC film are particularly prone to this phenomenon of silicone oil transfer. If you use a water-based ink jet printer to print self-adhesive outdoor advertising. Calendered PVC is the best substrate.

    Printed surface contamination

      If the silicone oil transfer phenomenon has occurred, the image process will be affected. Silicone oil residues can collide with the printing ink, resulting in a partially complete printing of the surface of the substrate being useless or causing the ink to stick.

      Although screen printing and solvent-based inkjet printing can overcome the adverse effects caused by silicone oil transfer. However, water-based ink jet printing and electrostatic toners are more susceptible to such surface contamination.


       With the more popular water-based ink jet printing. A newly developed release film can solve this problem. This new product prevents the transfer of silicone oil by applying a patented lacquer coating that absorbs any silicone oil residue and locks the liquid silicone oil to the opposite side of the silicone oil surface.

          The release film produced on the unique in-line Zimper makes self-adhesive compound processors able to provide their customers with materials that are highly printable and do not cause surface stains due to silicone oil transfer.

         This new release film also offers other advantages for self-adhesive laps, including seals that prevent the loss of silicone oil. The release film also has antistatic polishing characteristics. Reduces the effects of electrostatic loading during complex processing. All in all, this new release film is a major advancement in substrate technology for self-adhesive and water-based inkjet printing, while also saving time and cost for composite and digital printers.

          Asia is one of the fastest growing and most promising regions in the world for release film and self-adhesive materials. North America still has great worries in the world's release film market, with North America and Europe accounting for 74% of global demand. Asia continues to grow, with the fastest growth in 2002, accounting for 22% of the market. Most of them are self-adhesive applications (see Figure 3). Release films will continue to maintain strong growth trends, therefore. All materials in the entire value chain have opportunities for development. The largest self-adhesive application in Asia is the label raw material, accounting for 68% of the market for self-adhesive applications in release film.

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